Love & Transgender Identities

The song I am sharing today is from the film Daayraa (1997) which translates to ‘The Square Circle’.  The themes in this Indian film include women’s status in Indian villages, cross dressing and rape. The film begins with a young woman, who is misktaken for someone else and kidnapped from her village. When the kidnappers realise that she is not who they thought, they dump her in an unfamiliar place where a group of men assault her. Shocked and bewildered, the young woman finds comfort in a transgendered woman who advises her to denounce her femininity in order to survive as  lone woman. On this advice, this young woman cuts off her hair, wears mens clothing and passes for a young man.

Meanwhile, the transgendered individual longs to be a woman and attempts to do so through dressing as a female and denouncing any male attributes. During their friendship, the young woman falls in love with her transgendered friend and at one point asks her to sacrifice her identity as a woman for her. An interesting film which left me thinking about the complexities of certain types of love.