Carrying burdens with my broken boat

We are all travellers on Earth, wandering from one shore to another with limited resources. We are all searching for meaning, trying to understand and trying to piece together our fragmented selves and disjointed experiences. Our emotional journeys are rarely visible to others and often unnoticed by ourselves. Our lives are spent carrying the burdens of others whilst our own bodies and minds (like this boat) slowly disintegrates. Who is there to hold us up when we fall from the weight of these burdens? Who is there to carry us when we are old and no longer capable?

Many look to God for comfort or courage, waiting for an ultimate paradise which is promised after a lifetime of suffering. Others look to the river, waiting for their ashes to merge with others who have already completed their journeys.


Author: Dr. Sidrah Muntaha

I am a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in the role of music to promote emotional well being and recovery from mental health difficulties. Please visit my website for more information about how I use music in my work ( ©Copyright

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