Healing Through Music

This musical opening at the start of NHS North East London Foundation Trust’s AGM in September 2017 was performed by myself and accompanied by Yousuf Ali Khan (left) and Louise Elliot (right) from the Grand Union Orchestra. The picture slides in the background feature staff across NELFT including Administrators, Psychiatrists, Nurses and Human Resources staff whose smiles were captured when they talked about how much they loved music!

This Bangladeshi song is about being in love and seeing the world as beautiful. I used this song as an example to demonstrate how light hearted mood and positive beliefs can be created through specific types of music which can help us to appraise the world and ourselves positively.




Author: Dr. Sidrah Muntaha

I am a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in the role of music to promote emotional well being and recovery from mental health difficulties. Please visit my website for more information about how I use music in my work (http://www.dynamic-therapy.co.uk/music-based-cbt). ©Copyright www.sidrahsite.wordpress.com

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